#IntentionMonday: The How and Why of Setting Intentions for a More Fulfilling Life

In yoga, we talk a lot about setting intentions at the beginning of class. But, what does that mean? And how can we take setting an intention off of the mat and into our lives? There are many ways to go about doing this and the practice of setting an intention for the week can be one of those ways. This practice can really help you focus in on what’s important in your life in this moment.

Each week, I’ll be starting out the week with my own intention, and I invite you to do the same. Before we get to setting an intention, it might be a good idea to peruse some articles on intention setting that I found online. This way we can get really clear about the practice and get some inspiration for the week!

 Posts on the Practice of Intention Setting

  • This post by Rosetta Thurman at Happy Black Woman is by far my favorite of the posts on intention setting. She really dives into WHY intention setting is important and practical strategies for HOW to go about setting one. Super awesome.
  • Abundant Mama has a great post about setting a daily intention, that could be used for inspiration.
  • About.com has a great post on four steps for setting an intention! I especially like the part about holding yourself accountable by sharing your intention with someone. So important. Use the hashtag #IntentionMonday to do just that!
  • The Chopra Center talks about setting an intention after meditation as well as other steps for setting powerful intentions.
  • On Huffington Post, Juliet Turalski shares her thoughts on intention setting in an article and video.

My Intention for the Week

To approach myself and others with loving kindness and, thus, #ahimsa

What’s your intention for the week? Click #intentionMonday to share it via Twitter!

  • rellenos

    My intention includes understanding resistance–internal as well as external. Firmly kindly inquiring : What’s realistic? What gets in the way of fulfilling certain stated goals?, What rewards reinforce either the change or the status quo?
    Over-optimism has been my demon! (oh yeah, and hyper-criticism too) .
    Writing /doodling about the balancing-acts has served up some cosmi-comic relief.

    YO-GA means union of opposites, ya?

    • http://njosefbeck.com NBeck

      I totally understand what you mean by understanding resistance, both external and internal. It’s really easy to let that resistance paralyze a person. I think it’s important to acknowledge the presence of the resistance as well as the optimism and criticism, and then work to, as you say, find a balancing act between them. Using all of inputs coming at you to help you become the person you want to be. I’m not sure if that makes sense, but I think using the positive and the negative to stimulate growth and evolution/change is an important tool to cultivate in my life! Thanks so much for your comment, Rellenos :).