How to create a table in PostgreSQL

So I've been learning PostgreSQL (and SQL in general) over this past month, and as a way of solidifying what I'm learning, I'll be posting about it here on my blog. First up, let's look at the syntax involved in creating a very simple PostgreSQL table.

CREATE TABLE products (
    product_no integer,
    name text,
    price numeric DEFAULT 9.99

The above SQL command will create a table called products, with three columns. Each column name is defined following the same pattern: column name, the column's data type, and any constraints or additional options. The three columns are:

  • product_no, which is an integer
  • name, which is text
  • price, which is a numeral and has a default of 9.99

And that's it! Stay tuned for future posts where I go into greater detail about creating tables in PostgreSQL.

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